Website -An important tool for breeders

We have finally decided the form of our website,  selected a web host and chosen our domain name ( Now we “only” need to fill the website with interesting content for all current and prospective ragdoll-likers. This is  of course easier said than done.

I thought I would write a few lines about our website. How I’ve gone about making it and my thoughts about it. After all it has become a major part of a breeder “job” to have and to operate a good website. It is a superb tool in which to gather and share information, a focal point for cooperation between breeders and a great way for new and old kitten buyers to stay updated.

I really get in to everything I do and want everything to be perfect and exactly as I imagined. The website is often your first chans to make an impression on somebody. It should be easy for people to find and to have a look around. Hopefully this is something that will stay with you for a long time. It must be easy and time efficient to add, edit and delete pages and posts.

First steps – what tool to build you website with and where to put it.

I have previously breed dogs and therefore have some prior knowledge of the various options regarding websites and how I want it to look like. I chose now as I did to my former website to use  Wordpress for the layout of the website’s. This is because it is an extremely simple and multifaceted tool with endless possibilities for customization through various so-called “plugins”

Many web hosting companies (they who provide the place to put up the website on) offers simple wordpress installation often just by pressing a button.

When it comes to choosing web hosting company, it is a jungle. The ones I used before have gone and become very expensive and not affordable so I chose to look for a new one. Many have special offers for the first year and this hotel I finally chose had just a such (now I just have to remember to check through the options again next year so I will not be stuck for another year to an overcharge). A good tip is to find comparisons between different web hosts in an “independent” website before choosing. Do it close to the time that you need a new subscription ( most have different offers in different time periods). The site I used for this purpose wasBästa webbhotell 2016“.

It is also with the hosting company I registered our domain name.

With these simple, basic things fixed, I now only need to slowly fill the page with content!

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