We have moved to Jönköping

Time goes fast and we have had a lot to do with our move to Jönköping, a sick cat and new jobs but now we have finally begun to settle down a bit.

January offered a lot of fuss. Robin graduated and we started our move towards Jönköping. On the way down, Lo became unexpectedly ill with fever. Something that was then found to be pyometra, probably caused by birth control pills and two failed mating attempts. So we stayed in Stockholm halfway down to Jönköping to get her well. We insisted that the veterinarians should treat Lo medically and I read a lot of research studies on pyometra. The treatment involved, among other things, two visits per day to the vet for about a week’s time. I will write more thoroughly about pyometra and treatment options later on and post it on the website, because I think it is important for us pet owners to stay up to date because the veterinarians do not always seem to. They did not in this case …

However, Lo became well and we continued our journey to Jönköping. We moved in completely without furniture and shared a 80cm mattress on the floor at night for a month’s time. The first thing we did after we moved in (besides ordering a bed) was to buy the parts for the cat “trees” I wanted to build (photos will be posted on Instagram in the future). Eventually we also started working on our new workplaces – I as an intern at Ryhov Hospital and Robin at a health center.

So far, we like it here in Jönköping. We have bought a beautiful apartment built in the 18th century, with its own entrance – patio, high ceilings, nice wooden floors and working tiled stove. The apartment is located in the center of Jönköping, close to everything.

We are pleased that we now live in “the middle” of Sweden, surrounded by a bunch of other ambitious and talented Ragdollbreeders.

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