Now on Facebook

I have now created a FB-group where I plan to add more daily updates and pictures of our sweethearts. A website is easier to keep structured than a FB-group, therefore I think that a website is a good base but to get more freedom to post snapshots and updates  FB is a great addition!

The FB-group is currently “closed” so you have to apply for membership to be able to see the posts. Possibly I will choose to make it public in the future, have not quite decided yet.

The FB-group is: SE*Mideklints Ragdoll

Other exciting things

More exciting things are happening for us at the moment. We’ve been looking for Ragdoll cats throughout the fall and have written to some well-chosen breeders in Sweden and Norway. I am so immense grateful and delighted by the response we have received! We have received offers on a range of wonderful babys from fabulous breeder and now we have finally selected our new family members that we intend to start our breeding with. I will write more about this and present to you all of our darlings as soon as I get more time.

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