Early Ragdoll breeders -Blossom Time & Ragtime

Owners of the cattery names Blossom time and Ragtime are very influential in the early history of ragdolls. They helped to develop and spread  the breed around the world.

Blossom Time

The first Ragdolls that Ann Baker sold was to the couple Laura and Denny Dayton (California). They were named Raggedy Ann Buddy and Raggedy Ann Rosie. They were sold as breeding pair in 1969. The Dayton couple later bought Ragdolls Ann previously had sold to other breeders as they no longer wanted to keep them due to difficulties with Ann. The couple worked hard to get Ragdoll approved as a breed in multiple cat clubs. they were primarily responsible for starting and running their own Ragdoll club “Ragdoll Society” in 1975 separately from Ann’s club “International Ragdoll Cat Association” (IRCA). They were without a doubt  the largest and most important Ragdoll breeders of their time. Many of today’s Ragdolls originate from theirs. They stoped their breeding in 1982.

Below I have tried to draw a crossing schedule for the first cats Blossom Time procured from Ann Baker (Raggedy Ann).



1973 Blanch Herman (Indiana) Bought her first breeding pair from Ann Baker. They were called Raggedy Ann Bam Bam and  Raggedy Ann Diamond Pebbles. After that she bought an additional four Ragdolls from Ann one of which (the only one I can find the name of) was Raggedy Ann Susie. Among her cats are many famous show Winners. Her Ragtime Bartholomew  (as the only Ragdoll) ended up in the Guiness Book of Records for the largest domesticated cat. Ragtime cats too appear in many of today’s pedigrees. As far as I know, Blanch is still breeding Ragdolls.

Below is crossing schedules of Ragtimes first cats from Ann.