Breed standard

Ragdolls klubbar

There are a number of different organizations / associations which all individually have their own breed standard for Ragdoll. I have read many of them and often, in the description of the breed they are quite the same but they award different points for the attributes. It may be worthwhile to read these descriptions because they describe the same thing but in different ways and which makes it easier to get a proper picture of how a Ragdoll “should” look.

FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline) have a standard on English. Sweden’s biggest cat organization SVERAK (Swedish Cat Clubs Association) is under FIFe so this standard is probably the most interesting for people here in Sweden.

The same text translated in Swedish can be found at the Scandinavian Ragdoll Club’s website. Further down on their page there is also a Breed description applied by IDP clubs.

TICA (The international cat association) which is one of the largest clubs in USA also have their own Breed description of ragdolls. On TICAs website there is also a great PowerPoint presentation with pictures explaining the breed standard. You can find it by clicking here and selecting “Seminar” in the small beige menu to the left.

CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association) which is another club based in the United States also describes the breed in its own way.

TBRCC (The British Ragdoll Cat Club) have a standard for the breed too.