SE*Mideklints eLement Of Polonium – Björna

RAG f04 - Seal tortise mitted
Bourn: 10/11-2018
Blood group DNA: A/AB not carrier of B
Kidneys: PKD neg
HCM: DNA neg

Polonium or "Björna" as we call her (means bear in swedish) is a sweet baby from our beloved Lo. She has got a strong chin and a good profile and width. Our most perfect baby girl!

Pedigree: SVERAK

See more pictures of Pi on Instagram #mideklintselementofpolonium

Father: Tobiash Junior Gravits*PL 
Grandfather: Eulalie Tibby
Grandmother: Soulmates Samba Luena Sweetfellow

Mother: SE*Krasus Spice Tandori 
Grandfather: SE*Krasus Riddare Hibiskus
Grandmother: SE*Isa Dolls Troika