SE*Mideklints a Lot Of Joy

RAG d03 - redpoint bicolour

Bourn: 19/10-2019
Blood group DNA: A/AB not carrier of B
Kidneys: PKD neg
HCM: DNA neg

Colour: does not carry dilute (DD)

Joy is a sweet sweet girl with an amazing temperament like her mother <3 She is broader then mother Lo and has a nice overall looks!

Pedigree: SVERAK

You can see more pictures of Joy on Instagram #mideklintsalotofjoy

Father: ACatCalled Leo Elias
Grandfather: Rags2Riches Chivu
Grandmother: Van Zeewolde Ashanti

Mother: SE*Krasus Spice Tandori
Grandfather: SE*Krasus Riddare Hibiskus
Grandmother: SE*Isa Dolls Troika