SE*Krasus Nightwish Amaranth – Ru

RAG n04 - Sealpoint mitted
Borne: 20/9-2017
Blodgroup DNA: A/AB (carrier of B)
Kidneys: PKD negativ n/n Ultrasound normal
HCM: HCM DNA negativ n/n Ultrasound normal
Weight: About 5,2kg 1 years old

Ru is a brave and forward girl with a lovely looks <3 Very broad and with a nice size body!

Pedigree: SVERAK, Pawpeds

You can see more pictures of RU on Instagram #krasusnightwishamaranth

Father: S*Jörgårdens MX Alfa Xhero
Grandfather: Starring Masterpiece
Grandmother: S*Jörgårdens Risstuff Xia

Mother: SE*Sietses Nickie
Grandfather: Wattuwarpaan Joseman Murre
Grandmother: SE*Sietses Jingle Bell