SE*Krasus spice Tandori – Lo

RAG d03 - Redpoint bicolour
Borne: 1/9-2016
Blodgroup DNA: A/AB (Not carrier of B)
Kidneys: PKD negativ n/n, ultrasound: normal
Heart: HCM DNA negativ n/n, ultrasound: normal
FIV and FeLV: Negative

Lo is a very social girl who wants to be with us everywhere and who has the world's most pitiful sound when she does not get what she wants which is to constantly be where we are, including the bathroom! This little lady is a real purring machine.

Pedigree: SVERAK, Pawpeds

Father: SE*Krasus riddar Hibiskus
Grandfather: CH S*Ninasmirakel Maddox
Grandmother: SE*Lowelidoll'z Milli Vanilli

SE*Krasus riddar hibiskus

Mother: Isa Dolls Troika
Grandfather: S*Mariamores Vilde Viking
Grandmother: SE*Nicandmac Alva

SE* Isa Dolls Troika

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Class 11 7-10 months 

2XExcellent 1

Björkstakatten- Umeå 23/4-17, Class 11

Björkstakatten- Umeå 22/4-17, Class 11

Class 12 4-7 months 

2XExcellent 1

Fräsets kattklubb- Uppsala 7/1-17, Class 12

Fräsets kattklubb- Uppsala 8/1-17, Class 12