N*Diadem’s Gentle Hermes – Hermes

RAG a03 - Blue bicolour
Borne: 5/11-2016
Blodgroup DNA: A/AB (not carrier of B)
Kidneys: PKD negativ n/n, ultrasound: normal
Heart: HCM DNA negative n/n, Ultrasound: normal
FIV and FeLV: Negative

Hermes is a real mamasboy who likes to be close. He is constantley purring and relaxes every muscle in his body when lifted, like a true ragdoll. 

Pedigree: SVERAK, Pawpeds

Father: N*Diadem's Zoran
Grandfather: Jaquet Bounty
Grandmother: Diadem's Upsi Daisy

Diadem's Zoran

Mother: Diadem's Hermine My Heart
Grandfather: Diadem's Ulysses Sultone
Grandmother: Diadem's Whimsey

Diadem's Hermine My Heart

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Class 12 4-7 months 

2xExcellent 1, BIV, 3xNOM

Björkstakatten- Umeå 23/4-17, Class 12

Björkstakatten- Umeå 22/4-17, Class 12

Östkatten- Nyköping 26/3-17, Class 12

Östkatten- Nyköping 25/3-17, Class 12