A wonderful little redhead

Red Ragdoll

I have long thought that the red Ragdoll is incredibly beautiful. The contrast with the blue eyes is so nice with a slightly lighter background. The color has only been permitted for about 10 years. This  means that the progress in terms of type and exterior is not as far gone with red Ragdoll as that of their brown and blue conterparts.

The genes of red can not be carried hidden. Any cat who has the gene shows it in some way. Females that have it in one edition will be tortoise. This means that if you want a red Ragdoll you must breed a pair where at least one of them i red (in some matter) itself.  In this way it differs from other “rare” colors such as eg chocolate and lilac that can which genes can be carried hidden.

 The red colour also developes much more slowly than brown and blue which makes it harder to decide the colour and pattern of kittens. 

For these reasons, I understand very well why Margaret (SE * Krasus) first was a little skeptical to sell me as a “beginner” within the breed a red female. But I’am  so grateful that we now have agreed that I will get the chance to manage a wonderfully fine red little girl, despite the challenge that it means!


SE*Krasus Spice Tandori

It’s a girl with health tested parents and ancestors in several generations. She comes from a litter of 7 small prosperous downy balls from a school-book delivery. She is RAG d 03,  red bicolor (high mitted). Her father is cream which means that she carries the gene for dilution. Possibly also the chocolate gene. I will work hard to manage this chance well! The goal is to get the red Ragdoll as well typed as the brown and blue are today. The breeders who work with  red today has come a long way towards this goal. Now it is my time to dig in and work with them! 

All images are borrowed with the consent of Margareta Mårdner (SE * Krasus)

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