In anticipation of a Queen with a big Q

This is happening right now

We have now come a bit further down the road. The cattery name is thought of, submitted and approved. It may seem a little boring that I chose my last name. I don’t have the world’s best imagination and many phrases are already occupied. I wanted it to be easy to pronounce, unique and not too long so then SE * Mideklints seemed my best option. My last name is, after all, unusual (only 5 people carry it in Sweden, of which all are close family members) and still quite beautiful, I think. You will also know exactly from whom the cat comes from!

We are now also members of three cat clubs, Björkstakatten which are connected to SVERAK, Scandinavian Ragdoll club and “Ragdollklubben”. Anything to get the opportunity to participate in as many cat-related activities as possible.

I’ve finally managed to get hold of a book from the ‘ 50s that I been looking for a long time. It deals with the topic “total score”. It is a selection strategy in breeding that I will write more about on the website in the future. It may be old but I can’t find  equivalent  information on this interesting topic elsewhere. During this time period much in genetics were new and it was written a lot on the topic. Now it has stood still for a while concerning major discoveries and the focus is more on new “details” which are constantly researched this is of course also interesting in its own way.

In anticipation of a Queen with big a Q

The biggest happening right now is that we are searching for the queen with big Q (or possibly queens) to start our breeding work with. We want to have the best conditions when we get started and that means of course that the queen that we start with must meet many of the requirements of the breed standard, and ours as well. We are waiting for the queen that feels just right, and we’re not the only one standing in queue. Anyway we hope that we will soon have a small furry frinend here who can embellish our lives. <3

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