Our boy is finally here!

N * Diadem’s Gentle Hermes – Hermes

From the very beginning when I fell for the breed Ragdoll and started looking for breeders to buy my own little ragdoll from, I came in contact with Solveig’s website and her Diadem’s breeding. She is the one who took Ragdoll as a breed to Scandinavia in the early 90’s and she has got stunning Ragdoll cats. I contacted her last fall a bit afraid that she would think I was too “green” to give me a chance with the knowledge that she certainly has lots of interested kitten buyers who have been breeding for much longer than me. To my great joy, I received a fantastic response and a welcoming hand. Since then I have been eagerly waiting to buy my Diadem’s jewel.

The idea in the beginning was to buy another female. Solveig, however, had many beautiful males in the litters that came last fall. I started thinking if maybe I could buy a male instead, now that I already have two females. It would be a good way to get Diadem’s lines more widely in my breeding program, I thought. I  put these thoughts on ice for a while however, until the day Solveig herself got in touch and asked if I could be happy with a male rather than female. She said she had a really nice male that she had high hopes for. I could not say no to this offer especially since I already had the thought of a male myself before. I talked to Robin about the extra work involved with a fertile male and got a his permission to go on.

Here we are today with our very own jewel from wonderful Solveig. Diadem’s Gentle Hermes

The three last images are borrowed with the consent of Solveig Benedicthe Damsgaard Jensen N*Diadem’s.

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