Cat show in Rasbo with Lo

Our first cat show

Christmas season has been exciting! This past weekend we participated in our first cat show with a cat of our own. It was little Lo who was our first to participate in a cat show. She was made in order and was taken to the show by her wonderful breeder Margareta Mårdner (SE * Krasus). Lo had remained with her until after the show on Sunday when she finally moved in with us.

Lo proved to be a real star. The fact that she was in a new place with a lot of other cats, unfamiliar smells and sounds did not bother her. Nor did the fact that I and Robin was completely strangers to her. She purres on the judge’s table both Saturday and Sunday, and the judges melted <3

She got very nice critique both days. Became ex1 (competed, against herself) and went up for nomination but lost NOM both days to other kittens. Unfortunately, she never got the chance to compete for BIV because red ragdoll is still rare at the shows so in total there were not 3 in her group (which is the minimum requirement for BIV to be considered).

Anyway, it was great fun that it went so well for Lo and we had a fantastic weekend together with other cat interested people and cat breeders. This despite car trouble which forced us to change our plans for sunday. 

The photographer of the two photos on the edges of the header and the second image in the gallery is Terese Forninge  and the photos are displayed here with her approval.

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