A wonderful weekend

This weekend that went was incredibly eventful. We went down to Stockholm to meet little Tandori and her breeder Margareta Mårdner SE*Krasus. We fell in love with little Tandori, so now she is officially spoken for by us! Although she will be 12v this week, we have agreed that she will stay with Margareta to 8/1. The idea is that she will be exhibited at the cat show in Rasbo 7/1 and 8/1. After that we will take her home with us. We are so incredibly glad that Margareta made this possible by giving Tandori one of her own cats’ place at the cat show. It is so nice that we will have the support of Margareta on our first cat show where we ourselves will show a cat!

Klausus Grammi – My

In addition to the happy news regarding Tandori the weekend had more to offer! We visited another breeder (SE*Klausus – Renata and Klaudia Bujak) that we have been in contact with for a while and got to meet with a wonderful little Ragdoll girl. I am so fond of her lines. In her pedigree there are many cats from Darlinlildols, Koc-pol cats and Wattuwarpaan. Very beautiful cats behind her in other words!

She herself is very social and cozy. She has a good size to date and a general look I like even if she at the moment is a bit out grown (like all teenagers). Obviously we fell in love with this little girl too, and because she was already ready for delivery, she was taken home with us!

Our family has thus been enriched with a little girl, her name is SE*Klausus Grammi and she will be called “My”. Everything has gone really well so far, even the flight up went without drama. She is a brave and cool little lady who wants to be with us everywere.

Below are some pictures of our little girl.

The images are borrowed with the consent of Klaudia Bujak SE * Klausus.

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