NOM and BIV on Hermes first ever catshow

We have had a fantastic weekend were Hermes, soon to be five months were shown at Östkattens catshow in Nyköping. We traveled south from Umeå on Thursday afternoon to Stockholm where we stayed with Robin’s parents throughout the weekend. We first had the cats in separate cages in the car but they complained loudly so after only a few km we put them together in a bigger cage and they all went quiet and happy. <3 The journey went on smoothley from there.

Once in Stockholm we discovered that we’d forgotten the cage-curtains (wich I had sewn the weekend before) at home in Umeå. Wonderfully enough Ingela from “little Säby” offered to lend us their cage-curtains. We are infinitely grateful for this!

On Friday it was time to give Hermes a show bath. Another “first” for us. We were super nervous that the result would be bad and we had heard that the shampoo must be washed out thoroughly for the coat to be perfect. There we were, and washed and washed. Hermes was clearly dissatisfied but with a bit (quite a lot :P) persuasion became the bath was completed eventually and Hermes was blowdryed (which was also not so popular).

Ahead of saturday we were a little concerned about how Hermes would be able to cope sitting alone in a cage with a lot of new sounds, smells, and sights during the show days. Our boy, however, handeled this gallant and was sleeping most of the time in peace and quiet. That he would charm the judge with his fine ways we never doubted. Both Donatella and Daria beamed with Hermes on the judge’s table and he purred.

Many fine Ragdoll participated in the show and we got the chance to talk to other Ragdollentusiasts and breeders. Hermes additionally performed so well in terms of results which made the weekend unbeatable!



Judge: Donatella Mastrangelo

Ex1, NOM


Judge: Daria Lukasik


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