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To consider before buying a cat
 ◊ Be sure to choose a serious breeder - talk to different breeders before deciding on one
 ◊ If you are unsure about the risk of allergy, see if you can do an allergy test before booking / purchase 
 ◊ Ragdoll often get along well with children, but keep in mind that there must always be an adult who has the main responsibility for the cat

A kitten from SE*Mideklints is

 ◊ By carefully selected and well-tested, healthy parents with good temperament and type
 ◊ Raised in a loving environment on quality food
 ◊ Registered at SVERAK (FiFe) and have a pedigree
 ◊ At least 12 weeks old on delivery
 ◊ Recently veterinary checked befor relocation (no more than 7 days before)
 ◊ Vaccinated twice
 ◊ ID tagged with chip
 ◊ Dewormed (if necessary)
 ◊ Insured for "hidden faults" for 3 years

This is what we expect from buyers

  A loving home where the kitten become part of the family

  That all kittens not sold to breeding are spayed/neutered

  That the cat receives veterinary care in case of illness / injury

  That the cat is kept vaccinated in accordance with the veterinarian's advice and routines

  That the cat is not left alone alot during the days without a cat mate

  That the cat is fed with quality food

  That I will be informed of any plans for resale

All kittens will be acompanied by a"kitten pack" with Quality food they grew up with, a blanket that smells mum and siblings and information about the kitten's routines, etc. We love each individual kitten we sell and are thus happy to provide support throughout the cat's life if/when needed.