Our Cats

Our boy is finally here!

N * Diadem’s Gentle Hermes – Hermes From the very beginning when I fell for the breed Ragdoll and started looking for breeders to buy my own little ragdoll from, I came in contact with Solveig’s website and her Diadem’s breeding. She is the one who took Ragdoll as a […]

Diadem's Gentle Hermes

A wonderful weekend

This weekend that went was incredibly eventful. We went down to Stockholm to meet little Tandori and her breeder Margareta Mårdner SE*Krasus. We fell in love with little Tandori, so now she is officially spoken for by us! Although she will be 12v this week, we have agreed that she will stay with Margareta to […]


A wonderful little redhead

Red Ragdoll I have long thought that the red Ragdoll is incredibly beautiful. The contrast with the blue eyes is so nice with a slightly lighter background. The color has only been permitted for about 10 years. This  means that the progress in terms of type and exterior is not as […]

Red Ragdoll

In anticipation of a Queen with a big Q

This is happening right now We have now come a bit further down the road. The cattery name is thought of, submitted and approved. It may seem a little boring that I chose my last name. I don’t have the world’s best imagination and many phrases are already occupied. I wanted […]