Catshow in Umeå with Lo, My and Hermes

Last weekend it was time for cat show again. This time here in Umeå, organized by BJK (Björksakatten). We chose to participate with all our cats even though My really is not an show cat because of her color defects. I thought it could be fun and good to get an assessment of her other qualities.

All the cats behaved exemplarily, My (who was in a heat) tried to break out of her cage a couple of times and wanted to talk a bit when we were lifting her to and from the judges table but she was very nice to the judges. Lo as usual purred all the time on the judges table and she got praised by the judges both days for her wonderful temperament. Hermes is a calm and brave guy so he did fine too!

It’s an incredible privilege to have cats with such a nice temperament, they are all completely uncomplicated and you can put them in the arms of anyone and they immediately settle down. We had some children who came to the cage and wanted to greet the cats and although none of them are used to children, this was also no problem at all.

In terms of results we are also very pleased!



Hermes: Judge: Hannah Jensen, Ex1 (Lost NOM to the BIS-cat of the day)
Lo: Judge: Mats Askett, Ex1
My: Judge: Zvedan Memedov, Ex1


Hermes: Judge: Zvezdan Memedov, Ex1 and NOM (lost BIS against the same cat as he lost NOM to during saturday)
Lo: Judge: Zvezdan Memedov, Ex1
My: Judge: Hannah Jensen, Ex1

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