Kittens borne

Remember My -litter is born! Early in the morning of 180501, five babies were borne, unfortunately one of them died a couple of days later. 4 wonderful, chubby babies are left. Three boys and one girl. For information on the parents click on the links below and for more information and pictures regarding […]

expecting kittens

NOM and BIV on Hermes first ever catshow

We have had a fantastic weekend were Hermes, soon to be five months were shown at Östkattens catshow in Nyköping. We traveled south from Umeå on Thursday afternoon to Stockholm where we stayed with Robin’s parents throughout the weekend. We first had the cats in separate cages in the car but […]

Hermes BIV , NOM

Our boy is finally here!

N * Diadem’s Gentle Hermes – Hermes From the very beginning when I fell for the breed Ragdoll and started looking for breeders to buy my own little ragdoll from, I came in contact with Solveig’s website and her Diadem’s breeding. She is the one who took Ragdoll as a […]

Diadem's Gentle Hermes