About us

I who own the cattery SE * Mideklints am an animal-loving person who lives with my boyfriend and our cats in Katrineholm in the middle of Sweden where we both work as medical doctors. 

Our greatest common interest is (and have always been) animals. We both love animals and like to have many around us. We see animals as family members so they are allowed to be anywhere in the house. Where we are so is our furry-friends, no closed doors to bedrooms and the like.

Previously, we had a bunch of dogs (and also have experience with dog breeding). In addition to dogs, we have been foster home for cats to an organisation called “Djurskyddet”- animal welfare. We think that Ragdoll is a perfect “mix” between cat and dog. This is one of the many reasons why we fell in love with this particular breed.

Besides the fact that we love animals and think it is very sad to live without, I am also very interested in genetics and breeding. It is the joy of help giving birth to new life and the feeling of getting to make my own mark in the future Ragdoll that is my drive, along with my excessive passion for practical genetics.

I like to be well-informed so I devour a lot of books about cats, breeding and genetics and try to keep updated on the latest studies published about matters concerning Ragdoll. I have finnished Pawpeds G1 and G2 course and are currentley on the waitinglist for G3. I also gladly listen and learn to other breeders, veterinarians and show-judges.

As a Ragdoll breeder

Regarding my goals and priorities as a Ragdoll breeder I think that health is certainly the alpha and omega. Without good health good temperament or fine exterior means nothing. After that I think mentality is an important cornerstone. This breed is famous for its temperament and its amazing ability to be a wonderful companion. This is something I think is very important to preserve. Finally the exterior is also an important aspect of breeding, we want to keep the Ragdoll as the big, beautiful cat with the blue eyes and silky coat as they actually are.

We are members of “Fräset” (which is a SVERAK (FiFe)-connected cat club) and “Scandinavian Ragdoll Club”. We are also certified breeders by SVERAK.

Diplomerad uppfödare